Dashboard: NIST 800-53 Chief Information Officer


The Chief Information Officer (CIO) dashboard contains program-level security control data from the NIST 800-53 publication series. The dashboard focuses on security control families that map to other organizational units. The control families and their corresponding units are:
  • Awareness and Training (AT) = Human Resource Office
  • Physical and Environmental Protection (PE) = Physical Security Office
  • Personnel Security (PS) = Human Resource Office
  • System and Services Acquisitions = Contracting Office
The control families above are not the direct responsibility of the CIO, however, the CIO can implement these requirements collaboratively with each office head. The CIO can use the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) to initiate these collaborations.

The dashboard includes summary count and percentage data related to:

  • security controls
  • assessment objectives
  • organization-defined parameters

The dashboard is best viewed directly within Looker Studio. Click here to view the dashboard.