Mapping: DHS Binding Operational Directives to NIST Risk Management Framework 800-53A Assessment Objectives

DHS cybersecurity directives require action on the part of certain federal agencies in the civilian Executive Branch. The current completed mappings are listed below. More to come...

  • BOD 23-01 - Improving Asset Visibility and Vulnerability Detection on Federal Networks
  • BOD 22-01 - Reducing the Significant Risk of Known Exploited Vulnerabilities
  • BOD 20-01 - Develop and Publish a Vulnerability Disclosure Policy
  • BOD 19-02 - Vulnerability Remediation Requirements for Internet-Accessible Systems
  • BOD 18-02 - Securing High Value Assets
Link to the corresponding table chart - here.

Disclaimer: Source organization(s) did not provide mappings. All mappings completed by me.